Tuesday, January 31, 2017


As is typical of New Brunswick weather in January, the day started out quite cold and warmed up to be a pretty nice and a bit cloudy day. The wind also co-operated with 10 to 20 km/hr winds coming from 9:00 o'clock for most of the match. There were the occasional
gusts and wind changes and this did catch a few shooters off guard. The scores were decent for the day and congrats go to John McC. who shot a perfect 300/23X, matching the Open Class record for Minto.

Today, John McC. was the
Match Director. He had his hands full trying to match shooters with the correct targets. This was the first match in which we were using graduated targets - a larger 10 ring and X dot for smaller calibers to even out the competitive advantage of the 30 caliber. It did not help much that one of the shooters had some mechanical problems and withdrew but then fixed the problem and was back on again.

Don M. was the scorer with Wayne K. providing the verification and stats. Targets were changed by Dave C., George M., John McC. and Bruce B. Many thanks George M. for changing targets and rescuing the wind flags that a couple of befuddled old guys forgot on the range when they left. 

The Range Officers were Bert deV., Bruce B., Bill H. and Dave C. Bill H. brought clementines and Dave C. brought banana bread - no shooter was hungry.

John McC. - 300/23X
Bert deV. - 297/17X
Bill H. - 296/9X
Norbert S. - 295/15X
Don M. - 289/6X
Bruce B. - 284/4X
Dave C. - 279/4X
Dan G. - 282/4X

Bert deV. - 144/4X
Bill H. - 134/1X
Wayne K. - 116/1X
John McC. - 111/0X
Dan G. - 78/1X

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