Tuesday, December 6, 2016


Nineteen shooting friends made the trek to Minto to take part in the last shoot of the year for the Minto Gun Club and the first Christmas Shoot in the new club house.

Although the weather outside was "frightful" (no really - not too too bad with temperatures rising to about 2 C and quite a stiff head wind that made one's nose run and trigger finger numb), inside it was truly "delightful" with a wood stove keeping the chili and shooters warm and lots of conversation in groups throughout the building. You'd have to conclude that the shooting was only an excuse to get together to share stories.

Many people made this day both possible and enjoyable. John McC. was the Match Director and creator of the fun targets and served as score verifier. Don M. was the head scorer. Targets were set and changes by Roger L., Dave C., John McC., Cecil H. and Dan G. The ROs were Bruce B., Dave C., Wayne K., Darryl K. and Bert deV.

There was so much to eat.
Nineteen people did their best to put a huge dent in the food but even so, many things went back home. Dave C. brought a wonderful chili and rolls, hot dogs and the fixin's; Barb J. brought trays of banana bread, squares and her world famous mince meat pies; John McC. brought Dorothy McC.'s banana bread; Volker T. brought the traditional Timbits; Bill H. brought chocolates. I probably am missing some other wonderful treats but I couldn't keep track of them all - even though I tried to sample all of them (hey! you gotta know what you're writing about!).


Oh yes, the shooting - we did shoot and we did keep scores - keep in mind that this was a "fun shoot" and no one was out to set any records so I won't mention any of the scores. In 4 categories of shooting, (3 rimfire and 1 centerfire), the top shooters won a turkey, second place shooters won wonderful hand-made mittens and the third place shooters won a box of chocolates. The prizes were all arranged by Dave C. Here are the top 4 turkey winners:

This event was also a good opportunity for club members to express their appreciation to President Dave C. for the excellent leadership he provided to so many hard working club members during the construction of the new club house (and earlier of the shooting building). Here he is receiving a citation from John McC., chairman of the Rules Committee.

Bert deV. was also honoured to receive a citation from John McC. for his work on the New Brunswick Benchrest Shooting Blog. This website is entering it's 5th year with 292 posts and 52,000 page views.

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