Thursday, November 3, 2016


This close to winter, is was a bit cold in Florenceville last Saturday with temperatures rising only slightly from 3C. It was a day of winter caps, runny noses and trigger fingers that did not feel the trigger at times. Even so, the day was enjoyed by all.
It remained overcast and there were a few sprinkles of rain. We could see quite a bit of rain (or was it snow?) on a hilltop across the river but we were spared the worst of it. The wind was not too bad at about 15km/hr., coming predominantly from up-range, except where there is a dip in the range with an opening at the left - there the wind came up from the valley and was usually left to right.
There was some very fine shooting done today with 12 out of 15 targets with no points lost. One shooter had eye problems in the first relay, another ran out of ammo and had use a hunting load for the last target and one shooter lost feel of his trigger so had a premature discharge. Can you imagine if everything had gone right - a pretty good level of competition eh?

RESULTS - BR @ 200m:
John McC. - 100/6X + 100/6X + 100/6X = 300/18X
Bert deV. - 100/7X + 100/4X + 100/3X = 300/14X
Greg S. - 100/5X + 100/5X + 88/1X = 288/11X
Greg R. - 86/0X + 100/4X + 100/8X = 286/11X

RESULTS - MTR Prone @ 200m:
Ash P. - 100/4X + 100/4X + 97/6X = 297/14X

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