Monday, May 30, 2016


It was a very tight race - right to the last shot - which was finally decided by X count. Seventeen shooters were in top form, fueled by a cornucopia of treats, camaraderie and favoured by the weather gods. Unfortunately, there were some shooting errors which affected one of our shooters and without which the following results would have been very different.

The day started out beautifully with only a smattering of rain on the way down to the range. For most of the day it stayed dry (one relay had some rain) and warm and mostly overcast - good for seeing the targets. Winds were non-existent for about 1/2 the match
and during the other 1/2 they came either uprange towards the shooters or out of a 11:00 oclock position. Very, very light winds, (maybe 5-8 km/hr), for Petitcodiac but enough to push a subsonic 22  bullet just wide of the 10 ring as we all seem to have discovered. Bugs there were a-plenty and Darryl K. fought a valiant battle against them with his trusty can of "Deep Woods Off". Not sure who won that one.

Many people helped out to make this match a really good one. Volker T. was the Match Director and Scorer with John McC. verifyng the scores and stats. The Range Officers today were Dan G., Darryl K. and Bert deV. Very nice treats (couldn't resist) were brought by Barb J. and Shelly C. Targets were set and changed by a very efficient crew of John McC., Shelly C., Brian P., Dave C. and BertdeV. The photographers were Barb J. and Darryl K.


                                                 MAKE               SCORE 1      Xs                SCORE 2   Xs          TOTAL Xs
Bert deV.Ansch2501324914       49927
Cecil H.Ansch2491025012       49922
Dan G.Ans cust2491025011       49921
Bruce B.Win cust24992508       49917
Volker T.Ansch249725010       49917
Dave C.Ansch2491224914       49826
John McCAnsch24992499       49818
Darryl K.Ansch25082479       49717
Brian P.Ansch249122468       49520
George M.Ansch247824811       49519
Don M.Ansch245122506       49518
Barb J.Ansch24652486       49411
Gerald D.Savage24592477       49216
Carl J.Ansch246102426       48816
John C.Ansch23932458       48411
Shelly C.Ansch24132357       47610
Tony LAnsch22132374       458

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