Monday, October 1, 2018


It was a fine day for a shoot last Sunday when we drove down to Petitcodiac in the morning. It was a cool day with the sun out blazing on the horizon. As we got closer to the range,  clouds filled the sky but this would not persist. On the range, the sun was out again in fiull force and the temperature had started to climb to a very nice mid-teens. 
The sun was the main factor in the conditions - it produced a mirage and real difficulty in seeing the targets and our 
shots on target. With the targets dancing in the scope, some shots were "just on the edge" and we had to concentrate hard before pulling the trigger. 

There was a light wind from all over the range but predominantly from 12:00 to 
2:00 o'clock. Large portions of the shoot were "wind-free" - at least we could not see the effects of the wind on the wind flags but like any quiet wind, this was a tricky and risky condition to fire in.

As it turned out, some very good scores were recorded with 3 shooters posting a 300
score. Dan G. shot 300/14X, John McC. shot 300/16X and Bert deV. posted a 300/21X. Congrats to these guys!

The match director today, was Volker T. who also did the scoring with Dan G. verifying the scores. Targets were set and changed by Brian P., Don M., Dan G., John McC. and Malcolm McA. The ROs for the match were Volker T., Dan G. and Bert deV. Timbits were provided by Dan G. Thanks to all who lent a hand today.

Bert deV. - 300/21X
John McC. - 300/16X
Dan G. - 300/14X
Don M. - 299/13X
Volker T. - 295/11X
Brian P. - 292/12X
Malcolm McA. - 291/3X
Tom N. - 289/4X
Tony L. - 283/2X
Wayne K. - 280/1X

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