Monday, July 9, 2018


It was a wonderful warm day in Petitcodiac. The high temperatures and high humidity of the past week was over and now a much drier, seasonable warm summer day lay ahead. There was not a
cloud in the sky and the sun was bright on the targets and flags. As it turned out, most of the wind flags had been placed on the right half of the range and these stayed busy whirling and twirling throught out the entire match. Considering that our winner, with a perfect 
score, was on the first bench where there were no flags at all, maybe the great conglomeration of flags on the right did not help out much.

The wind was certainly very tricky with prevalent left to right winds for most of the relays. What made it difficult was that without warning, the wind would switch from the opposite direction or from anywhere on
the compass. In addition the velocity was hard to read with no wind at times and then sudden gusts of well over 20km/hr at other times.

Congrats for some terrific 
shooting are due to Matt McA. who scored 500/26X.

Today, Volker T. was the match director and head scorer with Dan G. doing the verification. Targets were set and changed by John McC., Guy H., Dan G., Brian P., Chris S., Shelly C. and Mike C. The range officers were Dan G., Darryl k., Bruce B. and Bert deV. We were seriously spoiled by the many treats brought by Barb J., Dave C., Shelly C. and Dan G. and we simply could not finish them all.
We were glad to see a really good turn-out of 21 shooters. It was really nice to see Barb J. and Cecil H. who had suffered a lot of flood damage during the spring flooding of the Maugerville area. They still have much to do to have normalcy in their homes again.

Matt McA. - 500/26X
Bert deV. - 499/25X
Daniel G. - 498/19X
Bruce B. - 497/19X
Darryl K. - 497/17X
Barb J. - 496/20X
Gerard D. - 496/15X
Brian P. - 495/12X
John C. - 493/16X
Chris S. - 493/14X
George M. - 492/15X
Dave C. - 491/14X
Volker T. - 491/14X
Guy H. - 490/14X
Mike C. - 490/11X
Shelly C. - 487/10X
Cecil H. - 484/9X
Malcolm McA. - 473/7X
Tony L. - 468/7X
Yom N. - 439/4X
John McC. - DNC

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