Monday, June 25, 2018


It was a busy weekend for those who had attended the Smallbore Team shoot in Lake George the previous day, (but we are always up for a good shoot with friends). We
travelled to Petitcodiac this time for the centerfire match.

Conditions were next to perfect with only a little wind from time to time. The temperature remained very nice for shirt-sleeve shooting. There had been a forecast for lots of rain and, aside from a bit of wet 
very early in the day, the rain held off during the entire match.

The match director was Volker T. He was also the scorer and Daniel G. was the score verifier. Targets were set and changed by Tony L., John McC., Mike C., Malcolm McA.
and Bert deV. The ROs were Daniel G., Darryl K., and Bert deV. The treats came from Tony L. who brought Shelly's squares and Daniel G. who brought Timbits. The photographer was Darryl K. Thank you all for helping to make this a very enjoyable shoot.

The conditions were such that some very good scores were recorded. Congratulations to John McC. who shot a 300/23X; Daniel G. who shot a 300/17X and to Volker T. who shot a 300/15X.

John McC. - 300/23X
Daniel G. - 300/17X
Volker T. - 300/15X
Tony L. - 299/12X
Bert deV. - 298/15X
John M. - 297/12X
Darryl K. - 297/14X
Mike C. - 291/7X
Don M. - 291/4X
Tom N. - 288/6X
Malcolm McA. - 282/5X
Norbert S. - 282/5X

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