Monday, February 19, 2018


Thanks to Wayne K. for the pictures.
Our 22 shoot had been postponed from the week before when we were blessed by mother nature's winter gifts - a lot of snow. Prior to today's shoot we held the First Quarterly Minto Gun Club meeting and so we did not get started until late morning. We also competed for attendance with Petitcodiac which held a Centerfire BR match today and so missed many of our regular shooters.
It was a bit of an unusual day in Minto today for the 22BR and Sporter shoot in that it was sunny, relatively warm, (I think the temperature might even have hovered around zero degrees today), and, at least in the first half of the match, NO WIND!! A great day for starting new shooters of which there were three. We welcomed Mike C. to open class, Ben F. to Sporter Class and Shawn R. also to Sporter Class. Nice to see you guys and we hope you had fun. Hope also to see you throughout 2018.

Today Don M. was the match director and chief scorer with Matt McA. and Wayne K. verifying the scores and statistics. The Range Officers were Bruce B., Dave C., Wayne K. and Matt McA. Targets were changed by George M., Bruce B., Wayne K., Dave C., Mike C., Shawn R., Ben F. and Guy H. Dave C. brought the tea, coffee, Timbits and a good piece of the birthday cake Barb J. had made for Cecil H. and Carl J. the day before. Thanks, everyone, for your help to make this a very enjoyable day at the range.

George M. - 398/16X
Mike C. - 398/14X
Don M. - 398/9X
Matt McA. - 395/15X
Bruce B. - 393/9X
Mac McD. - 391/15X
Dave C. - 384/2X

Bert deV. - 394/15X
Guy H. - 393/13X
George M. - 362/7X
Wayne K. - 347/2X
Ben F. - 296/2X
Shawn R. - 265/1X

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