Monday, January 1, 2018


Terry F. McNeill Winter Benchrest Shoots
The above shoots will be held at the LGGC . range on the following dates:
MARCH 3RD, 2018
Each shoot will have two classes,22lr OPEN,and 22lr Sporter
There will be medals for first and second in each class at each shoot and plaques for first and second in each class for highest
score total of all three shoots. You must attend all three shoots to qualify.
Registration is from 9am-10am,the shoot will start at 10am.                                                                                                                                                       
The fee is $ 10.00 for each class.  Coffee and a light lunch will be provided.
RULES OPEN CLASS; Any rifle ,any sights , any ammunition and any two piece rest with not more than 4” of contact on the rifle from either bag.
The rifle cannot be clamped rigid and must be free to “float”.
RULES SPORTER CLASS: Open to any make of rifle with a barrel diameter of .750 (3/4”) or less at the muzzle. Any sights ,any ammunition.
Forestock must be of a rounded type with no discernible flats on the underside and MUST CONTACT THE FRONT SANDBAG AHEAD OF THE RECEIVER. THE RIFLE CANNOT BALANCE ON OR IN  THE SANDBAG!!! FRONT REST: Front sandbag ONLY. A sandbag being   at least 5 ½” high before being  raised by blocks of wood  that are not attached to the sandbag  , that will  give it your required height. NO REAR SUPPORT OTHER THAN THE SHOOTERS HAND.
Mats or pads of a reasonable thickness may be placed BEHIND the front sandbag to protect your elbows and
the rear of the rifle as long as it DOES NOT aid in the support of the rifle.
TARGETS: There will be two 20 bull targets ,one shot each, for a total of 400 points in the open class and two
10 bull targets with two shots each for a total of 400 points in sporter class. Unlimited sighters and a 20 minute time limit
for both classes.
OTHER REGULATIONS: Lake George Gun Club rules for competitions at this range will apply and will be strictly enforced.
See LGGC website
MATCH DIRECTOR:   Bruce Bennett 

Come and enjoy the memories  of our old friend.  

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