Monday, October 23, 2017


Minto's final rimfire championship of 2017 - called the "Terry McNeill Rimfire Benchrest Championship" - was held at the Minto Ranges last Sunday with all but one of the qualifiers attending. Although no perfect scores
were recorded, some very good shooting was done. Huge "X" counts for Sporter Class!

Mother Nature co-operated in every respect - it was sunny and warm for this time of year with only a light jacket being necessary in the shady areas. The sky was blue all day and
as the day progressed the wind did pick up a bit from the first relay. Winds were mostly right to left although, typical of Minto, it did switch a bit and gave us some some dead calm later in the match. The last relay was shot with almost no wind at all quite late in the 
afternoon. All-in-all a very nice, albeit a challenging, day to shoot a Championship.
It was nice to see Malcolm MacD. who joined us for this shoot.
Today, the Match Director was John McC. whose organizational talents again came to the fore. Don M. was the Head Scorer and Gerard
D. did the verification - both did a superb job of marking the targets and figuring out the final positions. The targets were set by George M. and changed by capable staplers and staple pullers Guy H., Dave C., Barb J., Bruce B., Bert deV and Cecil H.

Range Safety Officers today were Gerard D., Barb J., Wayne K., John McC., Matt McA. and Bert deV. who all did a superb job of controlling the range and keeping time. We were again spoiled by the many treats (banana bread, cinamon bread, date squares) brought by Barb J. and Dave C. A hearty thanks from all of us to the above for contributing so much to our shooting enjoyment during the Championship Shoot.
After the match was done and the final positions were tallied, the match awards were presented. This was followed by year end awards and team awards. These will be shown in the next post.

Volker T  .  .  .  394/10X
Daniel G.  .  .   391/13X
Bert deV.  .  .   387/6X 
Bruce B.  .  .  . 386/6X
George M.  .  . 383/5X
John McC.  .  . 382/7X
David C.  .  .  . 340/2X

Cecil H.  .  .  .  .  399/22X
Bert deV.  .  .  .   399/19X
Guy H.  .  .  .  .    399/19X
Gerard D. .  .  .   398/15X
John McC.  .  .    397/20X
George M.  .   .   397/12X
Daniel G.   .  .  .  397/10X
Volker T.  .  .  .  . 397/8X
Barb J.  .  .  .  .   396/20X
Matt McA. .  .  .   396/18X
David C.  .  .  .  . 394/13X
Bruce B.  .  .  .  . 393/11X
Don M.  .  .  .  .   384/6X
Wayne K.  .  .  .  363/5X
Malcolm MacD.  359/2X

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