Sunday, September 17, 2017


Today was the much awaited final 22BR shoot in Petitcodiac - the Martin F. Topf Rimfire Championship. We had spent the whole year qualifying for this championship and here it
was at last with perfect conditions.

The weather certainly co-operated with 20C in the afternoon, overcast skies and little or no wind at all. The shooting gods were definitely on our side.
Today, Volker T. was the Match Director and the head scorer. Dan G. did the score and stats verification. The Range Officers were Dan G., Darryl K. and John McC. Target changers were Dan G., John McC., Shelly C. and George M. The wonderful treats were brought by Shelly C., Barb J. and Dan G. Thanks to all.

Halfway through the match we went to the clubhouse to have a lunch provided by John C. and the Petitcodiac Sportsman's Club. As usual this was a very enjoyable time and increased our camaraderie while decreasing our tension regarding the match.

Speaking of the shooting, this was truly a very high level of shoot with the top 5 shooters all attaining a perfect 500. There was a lot of celebration after the scores were in as Barb J. shot a 500/29X; Dan G. shot a 500/28X; Darryl shot a 500/27X; Dave C. shot a 500/24X and Shelly C. shot a 500/22X. This was Barb's first win in a championship and Dave's first 500 score (he joins the ever expanding PSC 500 club). Congratulations to all winners!!

Barb J. - 500/29X
Dan G. - 500/28X
Darryl K. - 500/27X
Dave C. - 500/24X
Shelly C. - 500/22X
Cecil H. - 499/30X
Volker T. - 499/30X
John McC. - 499/24X
Guy H. - 499/17X
Don M. - 498/23X
John Mo. - 498/15X
Matt McA. - 497/17X
Gerard D. - 496/14X
George M. - 496/14X
Bruce B. - 496/13X
Brian P. - 493/19X
Tony L. - 492/11X
John Co. - 491/13X
Tom N. - 483/14X

Following the shooting of the last relay and the calculation of the results, everyone went back to the clubhouse for the awards presentations. A trophy for first, plaques for second and third, and medals for fourth and fifth places were accompanied by a cash award.

Barb J. - First
Dan G. - Second

Darryl K. - Third
Dave C. - Fourth & 500 Club Badge

Shelly C. - Fifth
The year-end awards were also presented. Cecil H. had the highest single target and the highest match score of the year in Rimfire competition in the regular shooting schedule.

Cecil H. - Highest single target
and highest match scores
Finally, plaques were presented to the PSC shooters who had won the Rimfire Team Match.

Tom N. Rimfire Team Member
PSC Rimfire Team Members
Dan G., John McC., Volker T., Darryl K., John Co.

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