Sunday, August 20, 2017


Hello fellow bench rest enthusiasts.
It was a rainy drive to the range today but the rain stopped just short of the range property and stayed away till
about half-way through the
final relay. We had 13 shooters turn out for the event today. The wind was weird as the right side of the range had wind flags spinning and turning vigorously while the left side had “no real noticeable” winds at the same time. BUT.. the left hand tree line showed wind at half-way up the trees that would definitely throw a shot off course from time to time. Still there was some very nice shooting with 2 shooters attaining 500 scores today. Congratulations to Cecil and Dan who shot a 500/32X and 500/18X respectively. The “X” counts were very high today also.
Once again we had more great treats than we could eat thanks to Barb J. and Dan G.
This was the last rimfire bench-rest shoot of the regular season at Petitcodiac. The next event, four weeks down the road (September 17 2017) will be the Martin F. Topf Championship. See you all there!
The following people made the day another success. Thank you all! Dan G. – match director / scorer; John McC. – score verifier; Bruce B., Darryl K. – RO duties; John McC., Barb J., Cecil H., Bruce B. – target changers; Darryl K. - photographer; John McC. - Reporting.

Cecil H. - 500/32X
Dan G. - 500/18X
Matt McA. - 499/19X
Darryl K. - 498/20X
George M. - 498/17X
Tony L. - 496/13X
Gerard D. - 495/23X
Brian P. - 493/18X
Barb J. - 493/14X
John McC. - 490/16X
John C. - 487/9X
Tom N. - 483/15X
Bruce B. - DNC

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