Sunday, July 23, 2017


Well, the morning started off sunny, but temperatures were in the single digits. By noon this had increased to 23deg.  The wind, that was light for the start of the first relay, was not long picking up speeds. It switched back and forth as well. A challenge to all. Typical Petti wind!

In spite of the wind, three shooters hit the 500 score. There were quite a few
X's being hit despite the wind, but sometimes not enough tens. 

One shooter joined the 500 Club and received her special embroidered crest. Congrats, Shelly C.- fine shooting!
There was an abundance of tasty sweets thanks to Barb J., Shelly C. and Dan G. 
Range Officers today were Barb J., Dan G. and Volker T.  The target crew  
included of George M., Chris S., Dan
G. and Shelly C.  Thanks to all of you and a thank you also to Barb J. for tidying up the building and taking photos along with Shelly C. and Darryl K. Much appreciation to Carl who was the Score Verifier. 

Your Match Director, Volker T.

Volker T. - 500/27X
Matt McA. - 500/24X
Shelly C. - 500/17X
Darryl K. - 499/25X
Gerard D. - 499/16X
George M. - 498/22X
Barb J. - 496/20X
Chris S. - 493/14X
Dan G. - 492/19X
Tony L. - 475/7X
Tom N. - 474/9X

Thanks to Volker T. for the write-up.

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