Monday, June 5, 2017


Like yesterday in Petitcodiac, today was a wonderful day for a shoot in Minto. The temperature stayed a little on the cool-ish side at about 12C, but this was not unwelcome. The sky remained overcast with no changes and so sighting was favourable for all our old eyes and the effect of the sun was minimal. The wind was very benign and remained fairly even throughout the whole match except near the end of the shoot when it dropped to almost nothing at times. Definitely good
shooting weather and the scores reflect this.

Congratulations are due to Dan G. who shot a super target at 400/28X. Also to Cecil H. and Volker T. who tied at 400/20X. Volker T. also shot a club record in Rimfire Sporter class of 195/10X

Today, the Match Director was John McC. who did an excellent job arranging the relays. The chief scorer was Don M. and he was backed up by Carl J. The targets were set and changed by Wayne K., Dave C., George M., John McC., Bert deV., Guy H., Bruce B. and Gerard D. The range officers were George M., Gerard D., Wayne K., John McC. and Bert deV. We enjoyed Barb J.'s wonderful breads (Cinnamon, Banana and Rhubarb) and some watermelon as well. Barb J. was also the official photographer. Thanks to everyone who helped out today - couldn't have had a great shoot without you.

Dan G. - 400/28X
Cecil H. - 400/20X
Volker T. - 400/20X
Bert deV. - 399/20X
George M. - 399/10X
Gerard D. - 398/13X
Dave C. - 397/18X
John McC. - 397/16X
Guy H. - 397/10X
Barb J. - 396/13X
Bill H. - 394/12X
Bruce B. - 393/12X
Don M. - 392/11X
Wayne K. - 390/8X

Volker T. - 395/10X
Bert deV. - 390/4X
Bill H. - 389/7X
Dan G. - 383/6X
Bruce B. - 364/2X
John McC. - 352/3X
Dave C. 331/5X
Wayne K. - 323/0X

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