Saturday, April 22, 2017


Hello bench rest shooting enthusiasts!
Reported by John McCluskey

The Petitcodiac Sportsman's Club (PSC) hosted the first Annual Terry F. McNeill Centerfire 
Benchrest Team Shoot in memory of our friend and fellow shooter Terry F. McNeill who passed away recently after a long fight with cancer.

We also used the shoot today as a make up shoot for the PSC regular center fire shoot that had been scheduled for Sunday.

All of us started out in snow covered roads that diminished the closer to the range we came. The day warmed as we shot and the snow had all but disappeared by the time we had completed today’s event. It was nice for a change as the wind was not a big factor today. I would like to thank all the people who came out to support this great event.
In order to make the teams as evenly matched as possible, shooters were divided into three teams. We ended up with 2 teams for PSC and a team representing Minto. We had a lot of fun with great competition all day. In the end PSC team #2 took first place with PSC team #1 a close second followed by team Minto in third spot. It was indeed a close match as the results show.
A meal was supplied by PSC and we thank John C for a job well done once again. Dan G., Shelly C. and Dave C. brought their regular sweets. Thanks everyone! Thanks also to all for pitching in to make this shoot go smoothly.
A few noteworthy individual results - Congratulations to Shelly C. for her 3rd place finish resulting in double medals! Both Dan G. and John McC. shot perfect scores with 300/17X and 300/15X respectively.
A very special thank you to Bruce B. for manufacturing the beautiful trophy for this event in memory of his best friend! He would be very proud of the results of your efforts.

RESULTS: First place = PSC team #2 - Total 1187/46X
Dan G. -           300  17X
George C. -      296  10X
Matt A. -          293   9X
Shelly C. -        298  10X

RESULTS:Second place = PSC team #1 - Total 1180/32X
John C              290   7X
Darryl K           292   5X
Tony L             294   11X
Brian P             297   8X
Volker T           297   8X

RESULTS:Third place = Minto Gun Club - Total 1177/42X
Cecil H             295  19X
Dave C             290   5X
Wayne K          279   4X
Bruce B            292   3X
John McC         300  15X

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