Thursday, October 13, 2022



Combined RNBRA & Minto Rim Fire Match, Open & Sporter Class

Thanks to the Minto Gun Club for hosting this years 2022 RNBRA Rim Fire match. It was a cool morning with temperatures hovering around 2 - 4C to start the match and temperatures slowly reached about 13C by the end of the competition. Wind was brisk to say the least and ranged form about 10 - 20 km/h, with the dominant wind being N - NE. As a result, only 2 clean targets were recorded in the Open Class, 1 each by Dale H. and Matt McA. Between RO duties and Target changing, stoking the wood stove and warming up the soup, scoring and verifying, everyone seemed to have great time. Thanks to those who travelled distances ranging from Florenceville to Saint John to Petitcodiac, to participate. A total of 24 shooters attended with some shooting in both classes. Eighteen (18) shooters in the Open Class, and, Eleven (11) shooters in the Sporter Class.

RNBRA medals were presented by Conrad L., Minto Match medals presented by Dave C.

OPEN CLASS: Congratulations to Dale H. for 1st place and Matt McA. for 2nd place
SPORTER CLASS: Congratulations to Guy H. for 1st place and Jonh M. for 2nd place
Match Director - Dave C
C. Range Officer - Conrad L.
Scorer and Verifier - Dale H. and Bruce B.
Range Officers - Conrad L., Dave C., Darryl K., Ben F., John M., Matt McA., Barb J., John McC. 
Treats & Food - Barb J. (banana bread & cookies), Dave C. (soup, sandwiches, coffee & drinks) 
Targets - Barb J., Ben F., Shawn R., Guy H., Dave C., Cecil H., George M. (maybe others) 
Pics - Barb J., Darryl K., Bert deV.

Shooter Targets Total Shooter Targets Total
Dale H. - 199/11X  200/8X = 399/19X John McC. - 197/7X  197/7X = 394/14X
Matt McA. - 200/7X  199/7X= 399/14X Darryl K. - 194/8X  197/6X = 391/14X
Cecil H. - 199/3X 199/7X = 398/10X Bruce B. - 195/6X  196/5X = 391/11X
Gerard D. - 199/9X  198/7X = 397/16X Wayne K. - 192/5X  197/3X = 389/8X
Barb J. - 198/4X 199/4X = 397/8X Don M. - 195/0X  193/4X = 388/4X
Bert deV. - 199/11X 197/6X = 396/17X George M. - 196/8X  191/6X = 387/14X
Dan G. - 197/6X 199/4X = 396/10X Norbert S. - 192/4X  193/4X = 385/8X
John M. - 198/5X  197/10X = 395/15X Conrad L. - 190/5X  185/2X = 375/7X
Dave C. - 198/9X  196/7X = 394/16X Charles McQ. - 177/2X  189/1X = 366/3X

Shooter Targets Total Shooter Targets Total
Guy H. - 198/12X 197/11X = 395/23X John McC. - 194/9X 191/5X = 385/14X
John M. - 196/12X 197/11X = 393/23X Shawn R. - 193/8X  190/6X = 383/14X
Gerry J. - 195/10X  195/4X = 390/14X Greg S. - 97/3X  285/7X = 382/10X
Norbert S. - 192/5X  197/11X = 389 / 16x Ben F. - 182/5X 191/7X = 373/12X
Bruce B. - 195/11X  193/9X = 388 / 20x Dan G. - 170/0X 184/5X = 354/5X
Ted S. - 98/4X  289/10X = 387 / 14x

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